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Here is what our clients say about hunting with Pike County Bucks:


Just wanted to let you know that my hunting experience was fantastic with Pike County Bucks. It was better than I had expected.
I have gone on paid hunts in Saskatchewan, Kansas, Ohio, and Maryland .... and yours was one of he best I have ever been on. Not because I shot a 10 pointer that scored 161", but because you did what you said you would. I knew you could not guarantee me a deer, but you put me where they were. You did your homework and what I shot is proof of that. So many of us get ripped off by outfitters that make promises that they can't keep .... but you were a man of your word. I would say to anyone who wants a "hold your hand" hunt not to go to Pike County Bucks ......but if you want to hunt hard, be put in the right spot and you have a little luck, I can't think of a better place.

I'll see you on the 12th of November, 2009 for my combo bow/gun hunt.


Randy Ferman
Randolph, NJ   



"I've hunted my home state of Pennsylvania all my life and never harvested a deer worth hanging on the wall. Pike County Bucks showed me a hunt of a lifetime and my first hunting trip got me the trophy "wall hanger" that I always wanted. I bagged my trophy 10 point the morning of my third day of hunting. It was the 14th buck out of 22 total bucks that I saw in five days. His 10 points included 11 1/2 inch G2's and a field dressed weight of 242 pounds. Do the math...that's a 300 pound buck! I saw three other larger bucks that would score in the 160" - 180" range. Incredible! I harvested a doe later the same day from the same stand! Great quality deer on well managed property."

Ken Bacha, PA

"I am happy to write this testimonial of your services and unmatched whitetail habitat you manage and guide. I have hunted all over the North American continent and have never seen a more concentrated population of trophy whitetails as you have there on your lands in Pike County, Illinois. It is truly the premiere destination for any trophy whitetail hunter to bag that elusive P&Y with a good opportunity to reach into the B&C record book. Besides having excellent cover and food plots, we have always been supplied with comfortable accommodations. Your attention to details and your desires to have each hunter have unmatched opportunities in the predetermined stands has always been appreciated. You have my contact information so feel free to have any potential hunters contact me via my email, I will be happy to address individual questions or concerns.

PS: Keep two reservations open for me and my son in the fall."

Brian J. Smith

"My first hunt with Pike County Bucks in 2007 exceeded all my expectations. I heard that some of the largest bucks on record have been harvested in Pike County Illinois and I was determined to bag a monster - that's when I met Dan at Pike County Bucks. I have hunted all over the country and the property that Pike County Bucks manages is some of the best deer habitat I have ever seen. Pike County Bucks manages their properties specifically for wall hangers and knows where to find them. This was one of the best hunting experiences of my life. The guides know the property and were able to put me in front of deer. I passed on several 150" class bucks waiting for the big one - I later got my chance when a 190"+ came my way. I made the shot and he now resides on my living room wall. I will be looking for the bigger deer that roam in Pike County next year. I have already booked my trip for ' 08, and I recommend Pike County Bucks if you are looking to bag that once in a lifetime monster."

Jason Adair


" I just received my mount from last year's hunt. It looks great. The taxidermist had it scored and it will make Boone & Crockett. It grossed 170", with deductions it scored 161". I need to give your name for the record book it will go into. I'm sure you don't mind. Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know. Take care."

Mark Dominick, PA



I just wanted to let you know my hunt with Pike County Bucks was awesome! I made up my mind before I got there that I wanted to take a 150 or better buck. I saw 3 bucks over the 150 mark out of 12 bucks the evening before my hunt and that just got the heart pumping! I definately didn't have to wait long that 1st morning cause at 8:40am (Friday the 13th I might add) the 3rd buck I saw was an absolute stud! I couldn't pass him and sure am glad I didn't!! He grossed 158 pope and young and had a Buckmasters composite score of 166 2/8!! He was a main frame 12 with 16 scorable points! He had character too with an almost 5 inch drop tine, split brow tine and a kicker off the left G2! The one thing that will always stay in my mind is how Gary, You and Myself were standing around talking after we had loaded him up and another 150 inch 10 point came within 30 yards of us chasing a doe! What an ending to a perfect day!! I would recommend that anyone looking to take trophy Whitetails to give a call at Pike County Bucks!! You will not be dissappointed!!! Thanks again for everything!! I look forward to being back in Pike County in 2010!!!!

Doug Snell  DuBois, PA   




I want to thank you again for a great hunt.  This is the fourth state I have hunted in, and this is by far the best hunting I have come across.  I almost wish I didn't shoot my buck the first morning so I could of had a chance at some of the bigger ones I seen later on.  You said there were some monsters around - and you were right.  I can't wait till next year when we come back.  I'll have to learn some patience so I don't shoot and the first big one I see.

Thanks again for an unbelievable hunt.

Jason Lockhart, MI


Pike County is truly the premier place to hunt mature whitetail and Pike County Bucks is an ideal outfitter for Illinois whitetail hunting. Pike County Bucks have the knowledge and experience to put you on BIG deer. The hunting properties are well managed and produce quality bucks every year. I saw more mature bucks in the five days of hunting in Pike Co. than I have in my sixteen years of hunting experience combined. I was fortunate enough to harvest my largest whitetail to date on the fourth day of my November hunt. It was an experience I will never forget and I look forward to a lasting relationship with the Pike County Bucks crew.

Thanks again!

Andy Thwaites



I had an awesome time hunting with Pike County Bucks this past archery season.  The first night of the hunt inside two hours I saw five bucks and one doe this helped motivate the cause for the next four days.  Each morning could not have come soon enough, so I could spend the next twelve hours (yes 12 hrs.) of the day in the field in search for that bruiser.  The layout of the terrain on the property we were situated on could not have been better, and the stand placement was exceptional with the flexibility to move if needed.  This flexibility is what produced the nice 9 pt. that I shot the last day of my hunt, which was one of the nicest deer I have shot, however there is another one bigger just waiting for my arrow and I can’t wait to do it again in the near future.  What a great hunt , thanks for the awesome opportunity to experience Pike County Illinois just the way it should be, in the middle of the rut.  


Russell Kruzel,     Michigan


There I was up in the stand,

When I felt the shaking, the shaking of my hand.

Down through the woods came a big old doe,

And right behind her was an awesome show.

Two of the biggest bucks I’d ever seen,

Fighting each other to win that Queen.

My heart pounded loudly,

As I came to full draw.

A slight shake in my hand,

String to my jaw.

As the arrow flew, there was something that I knew.

This one’s time on earth,

Was not yet thru.


Written by: Billy Walston


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